CV. ALFA ELEKTRINDO – is the supplier of electric semiconductor devices. We have a proven history of high quality, performance, and reliability. CV Alfa Elektrindo will quickly and accurately provide you with high quality power semiconductors at competitive prices with no minimum order and will fastest delivery from our extensive inventory. Performance testing is conducted to insure highest quality.

Main products Darlington, IGBT, IPM Module, SCR Module, GTO,Thyristor, Diode Transistor, Rectifier Bridge, Mosfet, fuse, power supply, Relay, sensors switch, inverter, PLC, breaker, contactor, switchers.

Warehouse/Office Operations CV. ALFA ELEKTRINDO headquarters is located in Batam, Riau Islands – Indonesia. Inside are company’s chief offices, call and data centers, as well as our warehouse. These high-tech capabilities and the efficient order fulfillment processes allow for fastest delivery on most orders.

Quality control system All the parts will be tested before shipment. CV Alfa Elektrindo provide warranty for all the parts provided by us.

We Provide online consulting by Skype, Whatsapp messenger, communicate and solve problems with customers in time, complaint and idea feedback to ensure customers’ benefit; offer value added service for customers.

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